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About us

Association of parents of children and youth with special needs and persons with disabilities "Моја luka" is voluntary, non-profit organization of citizens and human people, founded by a group of enthusiasts, parents of children with developmental disabilities with the aim of providing of organized assistance and help to persons with disabilities, improving of quality of their lives and better meet of their needs.

We gather persons with disabilities, parents/custodians, professionals and friends of our families, in order to create a network of mutual support and assistance.

Beneficiaries of our association are children, youth and adults with disabilities and their families.

We are committed to:

  • social model of support to persons with disabilities, according to which the community with all its contents is adapted to the needs of all citizens, including citizens with different capabilities,
  • full social inclusion and realization of all human rights of persons with disabilities, without any discrimination based on their disability.

We develop social services that currently do not exist in our community, and which meet the needs of persons with severe and multiple disabilities:

  • daily care,
  • Mobile Team (professional assistance and support in the home environment),
  • psycho-social support and family counseling.

The long term goal of the Association "Moja luka" is development of the Center for persons with disabilities in Banja Luka, which will meet the different needs of this population (daily care and multi-day care, occupational therapy, employment and living with support, various forms of assistance, help at home etc.).


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