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Program of Work

Association "MOJA LUKA" is established for the benefit of persons with disabilities, so the basic objectives of the Association are focused to improvement of conditions and quality of  life of persons with disabilities.

Everyday objectives of the Association are rising the awareness of citizens and the institutions, directly or indirectly related to this population, that persons with disabilities are not socially inferior, ie. to draw attention of socio-political institutions to these issues, so the long-term, normal and rational policies could facilitate the functioning and life of persons with disabilities, as well as life of their families.

The long term goal and vision of the Association is foundation and development of Center for persons with disabilities in Banja Luka, which will meet the different needs of this population (day and multi-day care, occupational therapy, employment and supported housing, various forms of assistance, assistance in home, etc.).

In accordance with the Constitution and applicable law regulations, the Association works on the following:

  • gathering of persons with disabilities, parents/custodians, professionals and friends of their families, in order to provide organized assistance and protection of this population,
  • development of social awareness among parents/custodians and the environment, that persons with disabilities are not socially inferior,
  • creating conditions for development of different program activities that enable building of normal social consciousness in regular, additional and facultative education within primary and high school education,
  • giving support to persons with disabilities, as well as to members of their families,
  • creating conditions for full social inclusion of persons with disabilities in the community,
  • providing of various forms of assistance through donations of humane people
  • proposing to the competent authorities the adoption of measures and regulations in order to extend the system of protection of persons with disabilities, which will enable education of professional staff related to providing of educational, health and social services to persons with disabilities,
  • initiating the establishment of day care centers with adequate professional and financial support provided by state institutions at local and national level,
  • institutional strengthening and development of the Association by permanent education of its members through seminars, lectures, publications, using modern methods of work, engagement of professionals and creating of partner network,
  • cooperation with similar associations and organizations of civil society, relevant institutions, as well as performing all other activities in accordance with applicable law regulations


The Association achieves its tasks through its governing bodies, and through cooperation with local community and national institutions, economic organizations, organizations of children protection, organizations of health and social care, organizations of education and rehabilitation, professional organizations, humanitarian organizations, national and international organizations, and other government and non-government organizations.





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