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Day Care Center

 The main goal of the Day Care Center "Moja luka" is prevention of the institutionalization, ie. service of daily care of children and youth with severe and multiple disabilities, psychosocial support and counseling of families, with the aim of creation of conditions for their active living in the community.

Within the Day Care Center the beneficiaries are covered by different social, educational, health and supportive services and assistance in activities of everyday life, as well as rehabilitative and therapeutical services. Daycare enables them positive and constructive experience of staying outside the family, in a safe environment with supervision, what is important for further independence of a number of beneficiaries.

Direct beneficiaries, iе. target group is children and youth with severe and combined disabilities, аged over 15 years, hardly movable or immovable, who can not be occupied or trained for independent living and who require twenty-four hour assistance and care of another person, as well as their family members who perform everyday care.

The main tasks and activities of the day care center include activities aimed at the development and maintenance of social, cognitive and physical functions of beneficiaries, which contribute to their socialization and integration:

  • daily care of beneficiaries, every day from 7.00 am to 15.30 pm,
  • care, feeding (adapted to special needs and requirements of beneficiaries) and hygiene of beneficiaries during their stay,
  • medical care and giving medication,
  • individual and group work with beneficiaries, the acquisition of skills necessary for everyday life,
  • rehabilitative and therapeutic activities (stimulation of motor and psychomotor capabilities of beneficiaries and maintainance of the achieved level - kinesiologic and manual treatment)
  • musical therapy as an alternative treatment that involves skillful use of music for solving of their various problems, and as an activity that stimulates the senses and makes a sense of satisfaction, and encourages them to actively participate in communication and expression,
  • relaxation and different playing and occupational activities that stimulate the senses and enriches the memory, all in accordance with the capabilities of each beneficiary,


  • socializing and working with volunteers,
  • support to groups for self-assistance, comprising by parents and other family members and which helps to maintain the resources of parents,
  • psycho-social support, counseling and education of parents.

All beneficiaries are encouraged to participate in activities of daily care in accordance to their capabilities.






















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